About Coir Village Lake Resort Alleppey

Coir Village Lake Resort is an elegant backwater resort in Alappuzha that stretches in acres of natural greenery on the banks of the beautiful Kollam- Alleppey backwater canal. With a stunning waterfront location that overwhelms you with ineffable bliss, the resort is a wonderful paradise and a home far away from home, of course with Kerala-style village accommodation, homely Kerala-style food and backwater recreations. Perched along the mesmerizing backwaters of Alappuzha, also known as Alleppey, Coir Village Lake resort offers you the exotic experience required for a perfect Kerala holiday. This backwater resort in Alleppey serves as a quick escape for travelers bored of the monotonous city life. It lets you witness the scenic backwaters and mingle with the rustic life of Alleppey. Nestled in Trikkunnapuzha village, the resort is a perfect place to unwind, relax and explore the beautiful village at your own pace. Built on a sprawling islet just 30km away from Alappuzha town, Coir village lake resort maintains international standards in hospitality seasoned with the traditional Kerala flavor.

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  • Alleppey Backwater

    Kerala is said to be best represented in Alappuzha, the southern district of Kerala where pristine nature dominates the landscapes with vast stretches of backwater, its zigzag waterways, sporadic islands of varied shapes with towering palm trees and abundance of vegetation. Topping them all, the people still keep a rustic and pastoral life retaining the soul of agrarian Kerala.

    Considered as Venice of the East, Alappuzha is well-known for its picturesque waterscapes. The meandering waterways, lush green paddy fields and the genuinely hospitable people of this rustic paradise, makes Alappuzha one of the most alluring travel destinations in the world. No wonder backwater resorts in Alleppey have always been admired by nature lovers. Coir Village Lake Resort isn't an exception. Be it the nature-chic accommodation or mystic ayurvedic treatments, the experience at this backwater resort will leave you mesmerized.

  • Kerala in Different Seasons

    Kerala, which is an area of a major tourist attraction, enjoys a cool and invigorating climate the year-round. It shows diversity in its climatic conditions due to the variety of its geographical features. It can be divided into winter, summer, and Monsoon.


    The best and peak season to visit Kerala is in winter. i.e, between October and February. The temperature drops a bit and the weather is also mild. You can enjoy Kerala to its fullest. Since it is the most demanding time, it is advised to book your rooms in advance.


    Following the winter, comes the summer season, which generally starts by the end of February and continues till the end of May. Erratic rains are another feature of the season. Since most of the crowd plan for Kerala in winter, summer is a good time for a budget holiday. We Coir Village Lake resort offers 15% off due to the off-season.


    This season is the main rainy season in Kerala. This is season begins by the end of May or early June and the next few months are periods of downpour rain. Since it is difficult for sightseeing and traveling, you will enjoy the rainfall in Kerala, it will be even beautiful when you are around a backwater. Dropping of rainfall to the lake or backwater will give you an astonishing view. Also, those who are looking for Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, the monsoon is the best season. It says that our body will get prepared to receive medicines at the time of Monsoon.

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  • How to Reach Coir Village Resort

    Located in the heart of Alappuzha, Coir Village Lake Resort, the best backwater resort in Alappuzha is easily accessible by road. The resort is located on a gorgeous islet along the backwater waterway in Thrikkunnapuzha village, around 30 Kilometers away from Alappuzha town. Know how to reach Coir Village Backwater Resort Alleppey.

    By Air

    Coir Village Lake Resort is just 140km from Cochin International Airport and 160Km from Trivandrum International Airport. We will receive you from the airport at the time of arrival and will also drop back at the time of departure.

    By Train

    Coir Village Lake Resort is just 10km away from haripad station and 23 km away from kayamakulam junction. We will receive you from the airport at the time of arrival and drop you back at the time of departure.

    By Road

    Alappuzha is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular buses. You can enjoy your drive by sightseeing the serene nature and backwaters of Alleppey.

  • Coir Village As Best Backwater Resort

    As a nature-chic resort in Kerala, Coir Village Lake Resort Alleppey goes the extra mile in being the best backwater resort in Alleppey. In every aspect of a resort, Coir Village not only does excel but also implements its own innovation, serving its guests in a big way.

    Waterway-front Accommodation

    Typical of a backwater resort in Alappuzha, Coir Village Lake Resort also has a simple yet adorable waterfront accommodation alongside the backwater waterway. Accommodation is offered in two Kerala-style residential categories that have a sun terrace fronting to the water stretch.

    Nature-oriented Dining

    The best vegan dining is the hallmark of Coir Village Backwater Resort Alleppey! The resort is stickler for a comprehensive nature immersion through nature-chic accommodation, nature-induced dining and nature-oriented recreations. Fresh organic vegetables are used for your meals promoting your wellbeing.

    Backwater Recreations

    Alleppey is best known for its backwater recreations. Beautiful and spacious houseboats resembling rustic Kerala cottages with all the decor and furnishing will cut across the gente water of the backwater. It is even more interesting if you sail your own Kerala style canoe enjoying the adorable fringes of vegetation. As the best backwater resort in Alleppey, we give you the best backwater fun for your vacation in Alleppey.

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Leisure Activities Provided By The Resort

Coir Village Lake Resort offers amazing leisure activities for our guests to make their stay at the resort more memorable.
People staying at the resort can also ask for the activities provided by the resort. All the activities are charged additionally.


Kerala Cottages (A/C)

Perfect blend of comfort and elegance, these are the words that describe Kerala cottages in the truest sense. Coir village Lake resort, being one of the best backwater resorts in alleppey, Kerala offer 4 individual cottages each containing two independent rooms that are equipped with air conditioning to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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Standard A/C Rooms

The standard Ac rooms provided by coir village lake resort, one among the best backwater resorts in alleppey are sewed with a texture and feel of cottage, designed to make stay comfortable, luxury and delightful. The architecture of the room is very traditional in nature and it is adorned with artistic pillars and wooden panels.

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    Best Backwater Resorts in Alleppey, Kerala

    Coir village is one of the best resorts in alleppy. Had the most wonderful and relaxing experience. The resort is in middle of a village and made around the lake. The whole place is so peaceful that we didn't even want to talk.

    Sam AlexSweden, Europe
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    Peaceful Resorts in Alleppey to Stay

    This place is very beautiful, specialy if you like palmtrees. It's remote and peaceful. wonderful staff. Took care of their guests well and the staff were courteous and caring. Took us for a boating ride in a canoe, suggested local places of visit and arranged for transport at reasonable costs.


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