Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat in Kerala

Our Yoga retreat center in Alleppey is unique in integrating yoga practice into daily life by clarifying the true nature of sensation and action. Coir Village Lake yoga retreat is dedicated to the authentic transmission of yoga posture praxis based directly on the intelligence of body, mind, and spirit.

Unwind from the stress of everyday life with a relaxing hour of calming and restorative yoga postures. Nestled among the authentic Kerala villages of Thrikkunnapuzha in Alleppey, we welcome you to a home away from home. We offer a comfortable and inviting environment to enjoy the scenic beauty of Alleppey and experience the beauty of yoga.

We do not entertain you, nor impose any beliefs or rituals on you. Instead, we offer you the healing matrix of yoga and nature wherein you can enjoy sane company, fresh air, solitude, and quiet. Welcome to Coir Village Lake Resort, the best yoga retreat in Kerala.

  • yoga retreats in india
  • Yoga Retreats in India

    For its unsophisticated village and nature culture, India had been a breeding ground for various nature-oriented wellness mysteries in the past. The ancestors of India have passed down to the posterity two comprehensive traditional healing sciences: Ayurveda and Yoga! When Ayurveda treated the bodily illnesses, the yoda stood for alleviating mental ailments. The modern world of no-time-and-all-work has left the majority struggling at heart. The realization that nature contains tremendous energy that could soothe your psyche has been the reason behind the latest trend for yoga as a lifestyle. As the birthplace of yoga, yoga retreats in India are the best place to learn and immerse yourself in the pleasure of yoga.

  • yoga retreats in kerala
  • Yoga Retreats in Kerala

    Just like Ayurveda associated itself with Kerala, yoga as well flourished in Kerala, the southernmost state of India, where nature is best represented because of all-oceanfront-side and Western Ghats. As a nature-inspired mind-controlling technique, yoga does better with the pure air of Kerala. Kerala is a pastoral portion of India with plenty of vegetation, water stretches, hillsides, and beaches. Each nook and corner of this tropical state possesses unadulterated nature. Kerala boasts of the most number of yoga retreats than any other Indian state.

  • retreats in kerala with yoga and ayurveda
  • Retreats in Kerala with Ayurveda and Yoga

    Ayurveda and Yoga, two ancient wellness mysteries, go well with each other. The wide acceptance of Ayurveda in Kerala has already prompted this state to make yoga as well its part. Now, Ayurveda retreats in Kerala provide both yoga and Ayurveda under one roof. The coexistence of both in one place has made it easier for foreigners and people outside Kerala to have access to both without much search. The notable characteristics of yoga and ayurveda retreats in Kerala are: they offer nature-chic accommodation in pure Kerala-style rustic vibes; they treat you to nature-inspired vegan dishes; they have designated places for yoga sessions and Ayurveda therapies; and they can give you various nature-oriented recreations.

  • Coir village yoga retreat resort in kerala
  • Coir Village Yoga Retreat Resort in Kerala

    Located on a beautiful islet in the backwater of Alleppey, Coir Village Lake Resort is one of the best retreats in Kerala for Ayurveda and yoga. Blessed with much-coveted waterfront location and verdant ambiance, this backwater resort in Alleppey proves to be the apt place to engross in the charm of yoga. Coir Village has a designated yoga hall, yoga lawn and certified yoga trainers. Foreigners and locals will have mind-blowing accommodation here on its 30 waterway-front Kerala-style cottages.

    Weave your way through the meandering backwater canals of the mighty Alleppey to find yourself arriving at a peaceful sanctuary, situated in the quaint village of Thrikkunnapuzha, 25 kilometers from Alleppey.