Best Time to Visit Kerala - Weather of Kerala from Tourist Angle

What is the best time or ideal season of the year to visit Kerala? The answer is it depends on your intention behind visiting Kerala. As a tropical region, Kerala mainly observes two season; summer and monsoon. The winter and spring are transition between them with pleasant atmosphere ever. Generally the winter season, the months from November through February, is considered to be the best time of the year to visit Kerala because of mild temperature, still sunny sky, and matured vegetation.

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Best season for visiting Kerala for nature-lovers

You would be and have been to tourist destinations where summer makes the best time to visit. But when it comes to Kerala, the southernmost state of India, there is a change in the system. Being a nature-oriented tourist destination, the best time to visit Kerala is months from June through August when the monsoon visits the region. During the monsoon, earth produces an abundance of vegetation with long stretches of green paddy fields where humble rustic life makes their living. The water reservoirs and waterfalls enliven themselves during monsoon. If the rain does not bother you, you would do better visiting Kerala during its monsoon time by relishing this state in its nature-friendly season.

Best time to visit Kerala backwaters?

Both monsoon and winter times are perfect for visiting Kerala backwaters in Alleppey but with varied fun. During monsoon, you could witness the true Kerala and its backwater beauty with monsoon invigorating the agriculture in the state. Besides carrying an umbrella, it would be a unique experience walking in the middle of the paddyfields and along the backwater waterways in the drizzle. The view of raindrops rattling on the backwater stretch is soothing to behold from your houseboat. The houseboat ride and canoe ride will be more beautiful with high water levels.

If you visit Kerala backwater during winter, the months from November through February, you will have the best of both worlds. Since it comes right after the monsoon, the water is still abundant and the earth is vegetated to the mature state. There won't be rain and the atmosphere would be blessed with a cozy warm temperature with joyful sunny sky. During this time, water recreations and village outdoor activities can be equally enjoyed.

What is monsoon like in Kerala?

Time has advanced a lot. The monsoon has changed a lot in its appearance in Kerala. At present, the monsoon otherwise rainy season in Kerala could start anywhere from June and July and last until September. Only the initial first month would experience heavy rainfall with the remaining months of the monsoon receiving intermittent downpouring. However the earth will be vegetated from June until February. During June and July and roughly in August, the natural water reservoirs will hold water for having a rustic merry-making such as fishing, swimming and visiting paddy fields.

Is summer a good season to visit Kerala?

For a nature-oriented Kerala visit, summer is not preferable for enjoying Kerala. Summer will peak from March to May with February being the start. The days will be extremely hot around noontime; from 11am to 3pm, with temperature going as high as 40. The hotness may prevent you from going outdoors. Also, the earth might lack vegetation.

What is winter like in Kerala?

Winter is not as frosty or chilly in Kerala as experienced in western or middle east countries. Winter in Kerala makes the best season to visit the state. The temperature will be ideal for outdoor activities during winter; the noontime could be still hot. The morning and night will be bearably chilly. The comfy weather typical of winter in Kerala is experienced from November through February with vegetation and water stretches still lively.

Kerala experiences consistent weather throughout the state

Besides a few instances of sporadic rain or rain induced by unpredictable cyclones formed in Arabian sea or Bengal bay, Kerala, the southernmost state of India observes the same weather everywhere across its territory. Kerala is not such a big state. Hence both the southern, middle and northern regions of Kerala get monsoon in June, July, August, and september; get winter in November, December, and January; and get summer in March, April, and May. The transition months can be a mix of two seasons it links.