Alleppey Backwater Village Tour

Unlike other regions of Kerala that were once pure villages, villages remain rustic and pastoral around the backwater stretch of Alleppey for its water-influenced landscapes. Typical of a Kerala village, backwater villages of Alappuzha still hold to olden ways of living. Their entire life-system has been based on this beautiful and vast stretch of Alleppey backwater. Fishing, farming, duck farming, coir making are still popular in the villages of backwater Alleppey. For foreigners and locals from the urbanized places of Kerala itself, this pristine existence of village landscapes and village life Alleppey backwater would be much of amusement.

As the best backwater resort in Alleppey, Coir Village organizes a wonderful backwater village day tour for its guests. This is a special type of sightseeing trip in canoes that reveals the past time of Kerala. The canoes will take you through the heart of backwaters and it is a chance for you to realize the remote village life of Kerala. The ride will take you away from your busy life. A day of relaxing where there is no noise of motors, machines, or vehicles but only the sounds of birds and rippling water. It will be a truly memorable experience with a mind-blowing view of canal systems, endless lagoons, paddy fields, fishing in backwaters, and small houses on the small stretch of islets.

On your Alleppey backwater day tour, you would see a large raft of ducks swimming across the lake here and there. Innocent children would be fishing near the shore. Rustic lads and lasses would go past you on their own domestic canoes to the other side of the lake for buying groceries. Fishermen would be waiting on their canoe when their fishing nets are still under the water trapping fish. The gentle sun would warm you up all the time. The fringes of the lake seen in the distance would be green and guarded by towering palm trees on which birds would come to roost. What more could you expect from a village vibe?

Thrikkunnapuzha is a small islet lying along the backwater waterway of Kollam and Alleppey. This village is far from the hectic busy tourist places in Kerala. It is a calm village that keeps Kerala tradition and culture at its roots. The view of backwater birds, people working in paddy fields and people using small canoes as a mode of transportation are a specialty of this area. There are small shops along the canals where you can stop for some of the best home ground coffee, tasty fish, fried bananas, coconut milk, fresh fruit and a wonderfully slow life around backwaters.

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Best Time To Visit Alleppey

Simply put, the best time to visit Alleppey is months from November through February; the period of time right after the monsoon, all through the winter, until summer. The mentioned time would have less rain, not hot sun, and no frost. Your outdoor activities would be best enjoyed during these months. With a mild and pleasant atmosphere, Alleppey would get a mean temperature between 17 degrees to 32 degrees during these months.

Anywhere in Kerala including Alleppey, months from March through May would be so hot that your outdoor activities would require some rest in the shade in the noontime. The months from June roughly until October will have monsoon rain preventing you from going outside. Unlike other regions of Kerala, Alleppey and its backwater regions can experience a slightly different weather during the winter season as well, months from November through february, with sporadic rain here and there; but that would not harm your outdoor fun.

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Attractions of Backwater Village Tour in Alappuzha (Alleppey)

  • the attractions of backwater village tour in alappuzha
    • Walking through the greenish paddy fields
    • Fishing in the backwater
    • Sailing canoe single handedly
    • Understanding duck farming of Alappuzha
    • Enjoying local cuisine of Kerala village style
    • Shopping at humble local stores
    • Hitting local restaurants for fried-snacks
    • Getting to know the rustic Kerala lifestyle