Swedana Ayurvedic Steam Bath

Swedana is an individualized ayurvedic steam bath treatment which involves sweating. Many people use it specifically to refer to one swedana treatment, the closed steam box. In Ayurveda, Swedana Ayurvedic steam bath is used to relieve excess doshas from the body, establishing a state of balance which promotes general health. People who do not practice Ayurveda may also take advantage of swedana treatments, believing that they have health and beauty benefits.

  • swedana ayurvedic steam bath
  • Swedana ayurvedic steam bath treatment package includes various forms of heat therapies which may be done damp or dry, locally saturation and oil. When the tissues open, toxins or ama, deep-seated in the body, can be expelled out of the skin. This helps reduce inflammation, promotes healing, and improves blood circulation and restoration. The treatment is not appropriate for people with heart disease or hypertension as the heat may cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

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Swedana Ayurvedic Steam Bath is of 2 types: Bashpa Swedana :

This is a full body herbal swedana ayurvedic steam bath and is given after abhyanga (full body oil massage) is completed in order to increase the benefits of therapy. Through this process, oil gets deeper into the skin and dislodges deep-rooted toxins (ama) in the layers of the skin.

Nadi Swedana :

In swedana ayurvedic steam bath treatment package, herbalized steam is passed in specific regions of the body, often along energy lines in the body called nadis. It relieves pain and soreness in the joints and muscles, also promoted blood circulation, and restores flexibility in tensed and affected areas. This treatment is beneficial for arthritis, immobility, and neuromuscular conditions.

As the skin acts as a doorway for the elimination of toxins, it is also referred to as the "third kidney" of the human body. When swedana is applied to the patient, the heat of a steam accelerates the chemical processes inside the body to excrete the accumulated toxins out of the body.

Major benefits of Swedana Ayurvedic Steam Bath :
  • Cleanses beautiful skin
  • Effective in stress relief
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Eases sore muscles
  • Relieves allergies/asthma
  • Improves circulation.
  • Reduces inflammation
  • It provides relief from coldness, stiffness, heaviness and inflammation of the body.

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